Athlete Profile: Rebecca Gross

Rebecca Gross, Cyclocross and LightHeart Gear athleteRebecca Gross, Cyclocross and LightHeart Gear athlete

Here at LightHeart Gear, we're not all about ultralight backpacking tents! We also sponsor an awesome Cyclocross athlete, Rebecca Gross. Rebeccas has been making huge strides in the world of Cyclocross, and if you don’t know who she is yet, you will soon enough. The first question you might be asking yourself is what in the world is Cyclocross? It’s a specific type of bike racing that involves all kinds of unique obstacles and required skill sets as well as different environments that would challenge even the seasoned biker. This article from CX Magazine helps to further explain the details around this ruggedly awesome sport.

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Rebecca lives in Golden, CO where she trains and competes. She was the first American to win a World Championship here in the US in 2012 at the Cyclocross Masters World Championships in Louisville, KY. Recently, she came in 11th place at the US Cyclocross National Championships held in Hartford, Connecticut!

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This chick is tough and rides over snow, ice, dirt, mud, you name it. Part of the competition requires you to carry your bike over tricky obstacles, improvise and think on the fly. Her Instagram page has tons of amazing photos showing what she does best. There’s some cute furry friends in there as well! You can also check out her Strava Page to keep up with her cycling that many bikers are very familiar with, or her blog that has all her season updates.

Rebecca Gross (center) is a professional Cyclocross Athlete

As well as working and competing full time, Rebecca also coaches individuals who are wanting to increase their performance to an entirely different level. With a Masters Degree in Sport and Performance Psychology she understands the balance needed to compete; that it is both a mental endurance as well as a physical one. Rebecca Gross is a fierce competitor, and will surely be one to watch now and in the future as she continues to make a name for herself.