Behind the Scenes of LightHeart Gear

Behind the Scenes of LightHeart Gear

Judy Gross, owner of LightHeart Gear, cutting fabric for a custom project.

We are proud to say we are Made in America! In fact, all our tents are cut and sewn in our workshop in Asheville, NC - a beautiful mountain town right off the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you've ever wondered how your favorite Solong 6 was created, or who made it, read on!


Very much a family run operation, Joshua Gross - Judy's son - is hard at work attaching tie out cord to our trekking pole tents.


All LightHear tent supplies are labeled and stored for easy access.


Spare buckles and labels line one shelving unit.




The LightHeart seamstresses work on a variety of items such as LightHeart Gear Rain Pants

The boxes of tricks! and a pile of stuff sacks


Some of our custom projects.

We cut all the cord used on the tents with this machine.

The LightHeart family working hard to get your tents out the door!

We also repair old tents at the shop customers have sent in under warranty. This is quite an old model that we're seam sealing.

We really do have tents everywhere! This one is in our office!

Thanks for touring our shop! We look forward to making our next tent for you :-) 

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