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  • Just wanted to say Thanks for a great tent. I thru hiked the AT in 2018 with your SoLong tent I’m 6’8" tall in the 260 pound range and I still can’t believe how well it worked for a guy my size. The room inside is perfect for one to spread out. I kept all my gear inside including my backpack which was usually ABOVE my head. My giant size 16 shoes stayed under the awning. I used it a downpour and stayed dry. I used it during a 2 day nonstop rain and stayed dry. When set up correctly it works flawlessly! I always used it with the footprint you provided and my Leki trekking poles. I’ll be headed back in 2020 depending on work and it will be along for round 2. Thanks again…Dr. Who?

    Dennis "Dr. Who?" Byer

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