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How To: Repair a Zipper Failure in the Field
Everyone dreads the thought of closing the zipper on their tent, only to have it separate behind the slider and gape back open. In a rainstorm, or heavy mosquito infested area, this can make life more than miserable. Fortunately, there...
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Polyester vs. Nylon Clothing for Hiking
The Perspective of a Textile Scientist and Self-Described Fabric Snob What makes hiking clothes hiking clothes? It’s not just about garment construction - it’s about the fabric itself. I’m Judy, founder of LightHeart Gear, a company devoted to developing the...
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Diary from C2C Sweden part 7 (the end)
Coast2Coast Sweden Final Day! This is the sixth and final entry from Judy's trail diary detailing her Coast2Coast Sweden hike. Don't forget to catch up by reading Volumes I-VI first! Day 12: 32 km (minus the 12km or so we did last night) I slept well...
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