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 Silnylon – this is a 30D ripstop nylon that is silicone coated on both sides It’s the fabric we have been using for our tents and rain jackets for the past 10 years. It is waterproof, not breathable, lightweight and slightly translucent.

 Royal Blue and Espresso Brown fabrics are a 30 D ripstop nylon fabric that is silicone coated on one side (right side) and has a polyurethane coating on the other side. While the manufacture rates this at a minimum of 2000mm HH, we have had it independently tested at over 4000 mm. This fabric sheds water beautifully, even after many years of use. The fabric is a little more durable and a bit heavier in weight than the same fabric that is silicone coated on both sides (the ‘silnylon’ we use). This fabric is also opaque, so if you wear your rain gear while doing laundry on a long hike, there is no see through. This fabric will never ‘wet out’. You can sit in a puddle of water and stay dry. This fabric can sometimes be referred to as ‘sil-poly’ since it is silicone on one side and polyurethane on the other side, not to be confused with silicone coated polyester fabric below.

 Silicone coated polyester (also sometimes referred to as ‘sil-poly’. We are in the process of transitioning all of our ‘silnylon’ to this fabric over the next few years. This fabric is a 20D micro-ripstop polyester fabric. It is a little bit lighter weight than the 30D nylon, has the same High Hydrostatic Head of over 3000mm. It is absolutely waterproof, not breathable, and since it is polyester, it is more hydrophobic than nylon (absorbs less water when wet). Polyester will not stretch and sag like nylon will when cold and wet. It is a thinner fabric than the 30D nylon, and slightly more fragile, but with proper care, tents and jackets made of this fabric will last for many many years.

International Shipping?

YES, We ship all over the world.  Here are a few things to know;

1) International First Class Mail - This is the cheapest form of shipping, it does include tracking information, does NOT include insurance on your package, and typically takes 2 - 3 weeks.  The customer assumes responsibility for lost or stolen packages.

2) Priority Mail International -  Slightly more expensive, includes tracking and insurance of $100.00.  Typically takes 6 - 10 working days (not guaranteed).

3) Priority Mail Express International - The most expensive option, includes tracking and insurance for $200.00.  Typically takes less than one week (not guaranteed).

4) All customs fees, taxes, import duties etc. are the responsibility of the customer.

5) Once a package leaves the US postal system, tracking information is limited, we cannot control or influence international postal authorities, nor do we have any control over how long it will take to process through local postal systems.

Why do we want to know what trekking poles you have?

Two Reasons:

1) Some brands of trekking poles have fatter tips than others - we need to make sure the tips of your trekking poles will fit into the ridge pole.

2) We need to know if they are adjustable to at least 130 cm.  If not, we can supply (at no extra charge) a custom ridge pole that will make up for the shorter trekking poles - this does add about 1 ounce of weight to the tent.

Why the $60.00 up-charge for custom sewing?

Any custom rain jacket or rain pants order requires a one time modification to the pattern.
It means we have to stop and cut out just one item.
A sewing machine operator has to stop what she is working on and sew up just one item.
This process slows down the general operations of the factory.
We normally make all rain gear in small batches.  They are not 'made to order' thus, even shortening pants or sleeves or eliminating the pockets from a jacket involves extra labor and time.
Modifying a pattern is much more involved than just adding to, or shortening, the hem.

Why are packages shipped with 'Signature Delivery'?

As a result of having several packages stolen off door steps this past year, we want to insure that you receive your order. If you don’t want to have to sign for your order, you must opt out of the signature on the check out page. If you opt out, LightHeart Gear cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages.

What Materials are LightHeart Gear Tents made from?

LightHeart Tents are made of 1.1 oz. sil-nylon (silicone impregnated ripstop nylon) with a 3000 mm Hydrostatic head. 
Windows and doors are nylon no-seeum mesh.
We are now in the process of slowly transitioning  all tent and rain gear material to a silicone coated micro ripstop polyester.
The Camo fabric will be the first to change.  The polyester is a 20D fabric  with silicone coating both sides, 3000 mm hydrostatic head.
At this time, the ONLY tent available in polyester fabric is the FireFly camouflage tent.

Can I return a tent if I don't like it?

Yes. Tents in NEW condition may be returned within 30 days for a full refund. When returned, the tent will be checked over to make sure it has not been set up outside, once checked a refund will be made . If YOU seam seal a tent it is not refundable. If WE seam seal the tent for you it is fully refundable within 30 days of receipt.

Does the tent come with poles and stakes?

No.  LightHeart Tents uses trekking poles for set up rather than traditional tent poles. Trekking poles are not provided with the tent. A lightweight plastic ridge pole is included with the tent. The tent comes with tie-out cord and a stuff sack. Separate tent poles are available for purchase.

Is a footprint available for the tent?

Yes. We offer a Tyvek® ground cloth cut just slightly smaller than the floor of the tent.

How are trekking poles used to set up the tents?

Please read the setup instructions provided with the tent or watch the set up videos on  this website. The trekking poles should be extended to 130 cm.  Care should be taken when inserting the tips of the poles into the ends of the lightweight plastic ridge pole because damage to the tent could occur if the tip was to come out.

Is Silnylon waterproof?

Yes, silnylon is extremely waterproof.  All LightHeart Gear tents are made with silnylon that has a hydrostatic head of over 3500 mm water.  This fabric is custom made to my specifications.

Does the tent need to be seam sealed?

Yes. Seam sealing instructions are provided with the tent. We offer McNett Sil-Net seam sealer for sale, and will also seam seal the tent for you for an additional fee.

Is the rain fly removable? 

No, the rain fly on all LightHeart Tents is attached to the body of the tent.

Can I cook inside the tent? The vestibule?

NO. Silnylon like any other fabric is flammable. It is not recommended that you cook inside the tent or vestibule. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur this way and potentially cause death. Extreme caution should be used when an open flame is near the tent.