Ultralight waterproof rain skirt in steel blue.
Steel blue a-line rain skirt.
Black waterproof rain wrap on woman.
a-line waterproof black rain skirt.
Long waterproof rain kilt for men in blue.
Camo ultralight waterproof rain kilt.
Red ultralight rain skirt knee length.
Closeup of waterproof rain skirt fabric.
LightHeart Gear Rain Wrap product image.
Black ultralight rain skirt product photo.
Blue waterproof rain wrap skirt.
Rain Wrap Ultralight Rain Skirt
Rain Wrap Ultralight Rain Skirt
Rain Wrap Ultralight Rain Skirt
Rain Wrap Ultralight Rain Skirt
Rain Wrap Ultralight Rain Skirt
Rain Wrap Ultralight Rain Skirt

Rain Wrap Ultralight Rain Skirt

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We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing high-quality, durable ultralight hiking gear in the United States - for those who spend days on end in the great outdoors. Our Rain Wrap is a testament to our commitment. The Rain Wrap is a fully waterproof ultralight rain skirt that weighs just 2.2 - 4 oz depending on size. This product is designed for all who adventure. Some call it a rain kilt, which seems to be the term preferred by men. What really makes the Rain Wrap stand out as a skirt or kilt is the a-line wrap design that allows for a full range of motion while hiking and climbing in the elements. Your motion will not be restricted or encumbered.


Size Weight (oz.)    Waist   (inches)      Length    
X- Small 2.2 26 - 30 25
Small 2.3 28 - 32 25.5
Medium  2.5 32 - 36 25.5
Large 2.8 37-44 27.5
X-Large 3.2 42 - 49 27.5
3.8  47-54 29
3X-Large 4.0 51-58 29


Why Choose Rain Kilts or Skirts Over Rain Pants

If you’re a thru-hiker, distance hiker, or backpacker odds are you’ve been caught in a storm or two - or twenty. A rain kilt or rain skirt is a must to keep your lower half dry. Plus, you will never have to put wet and muddy shoes through the legs of rain pants again, nor will you have to figure out how to remove your shoes, put rain pants on, and maintain your balance in the process.

Additionally, while the fabric of the rain wrap is non-breathable - thus waterproof - skirts and kilts by nature offer ventilation from the bottom. In a pinch, the Rain Wrap can be thrown over your shoulders and used as a rain cape.

Rain Wrap Product Details
  • Waistband is easily adjustable and has both velcro adjustment and slim buckle and webbing.
  • Waterproof.
  • Fire retardant free.
  • Free of PFAs. The silicone and polyurethane coating do not give off gasses and are not harmful.
  • Fabric will not wet out, meaning you can sit in the rain skirt and water will not leak through the fabric.
  • Black, steel blue, cranberry and camo are micro ripstop polyester, silicone on outside, and PU on inside.
  • Royal blue fabric is ripstop nylon, silicone out outside, and PU on inside.
  • Sizes range from X-Small to XXX-Large.
  • Made in North Carolina, U.S.A.

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash cold water
  • Mild detergent
  • No Bleach
  • Do not iron

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews

    Expensive but does the trick, very good quality!

    2024-03-18 8:51:33



    It’s perfect, lightweight easy to move in

    Josephine Rundle

    This rain skirt became my new obsession on the Colorado trail. I started hiking the trail, unfortunately, at the peak of monsoon season. For the first 4 days, I hiked in 4-12 hours of torrential rain and hail daily. I met many sad and wet hikers, whose gear has soaked through. I remained perfectly dry and warm in my lightheart gear rain skirt and jacket. Like, shockingly warm and dry, given the conditions. Plus, layering the jacket over the skirt (wearing it at a high waist) kept me extra warm around my middle. It was so easy to just throw on the skirt over my hiking pants and roll up my pants whenever the storm clouds blew in. I'm completely convinced that non-breathable, silicone based rain protection is the BEST way to hike. I have even switched my tent specifically to a silicone based one with similar results. I will never go back to DWR.

    Great skirt…weird customer service

    I’ve been looking at this skirt for a while, and being that they are a local brand to my area, I was very excited to support them! I’ve heard such good things about the company and the gear. I waited until trail days so I could try it on in person before buying.

    I went up to their tent, tried it on, perfect! Ready to purchase. I told the owner of the company (I’m assuming this was her) how excited I was to see them there, and to check out and purchase their gear. She responded “okay”… I then said “I’d like to get this skirt in an XS”. She gives me a weird look, and says “did you even try it on?” As if there was no way I could fit into an XS. What a let down. I’m sure the skirt will be great in the rain, however I don’t think I’ll be purchasing anything else from this brand after this experience.

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